How to Create a Compelling PadSplit Property Listing

December 7, 2020

Your property description will appear publicly on the listing page. You’re not expected to write a novel or masterpiece – just accurately describe what tenants can expect if they rent with you. Still, you’ll want your description to be captivating and sell your property effectively. 

1. Be Truthful and Thorough

Consider what you’d like to know about your property if you intended to rent it. Include features such as bed size and storage options. It’s best not to exaggerate or embellish when writing your listing’s description; Members will be more likely to leave if their expectations do not match reality.

2. Location

Provide information about public transportation stops (bus lines, train hubs), parking information, and nearby points of interest like grocery stores. It’s best to add a timeframe such as “5-minute walk from the nearest store or bus stop.”

3. Use High-Quality Images

To make your PadSplit property listing stand out, you need great pictures. Because Members don't see properties in-person before booking a room, it's important to use high-quality images in your property listing. Here are tips for taking great photos of your PadSplit.

4. Mention Compelling Home Features

Members want to hear that the property is well taken care of, modern, and regularly updated. That way, they can be assured of quality and won’t have to face many pesky maintenance faults or breakdowns.

In short, ask yourself what information is essential to you when it comes to choosing a home – what would sell a property to you? Answer those questions in your property listing.

5. Get Creative

To set your listing about, put your own twist on it. For example, you’ll be prompted to name your rooms when listing your property. It’s best to choose something neutral and familiar such as animals, foods, or designs. However, take a look at other listing’s names and be sure to choose one that’s unique to your property.

6. Other Tips

  • Avoid using images that show the location or full-front of the property. Members will receive all relevant information upon booking and moving in. Safety first!

  • A second set of eyes: Ask a friend or family member to look over your listing. Be open to their feedback and make any constructive changes you see fit.

  • Do not include the exact address or any screening requirements required to rent the room.

Final Thoughts 

Since your property can’t speak for itself, your images and descriptions are the next best thing. Many elements go into cultivating an engaging and compelling listing, but truly – it’s about showing your property off to prospective Members.

By following the advice above, you stand the best chance of creating a professional and high-quality listing that will have Members lined up and ready to book.

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