“I’m glad I trusted PadSplit with my home. I’ve seen a 52% increase in profit, and the PadSplit team handles everything for me. I should have done this sooner.”

Stan S.

"PadSplit helps people gain access to affordable housing that’s so desperately needed and as a host you can make twice the money you're making with a single family home, plus there’s less wear and tear on the property."

Lisa C.

“I’ve invested in more than 550 rental homes in the last 12 years, but PadSplit consistently produces higher cash on returns than any of my other properties.”

Josh S.

Case Studies

Growing Cash Flow and Reducing Payback Periods by 20+ Years with PadSplit

Darryl Dunahoo first discovered PadSplit in 2019 and hasn’t looked back since. Now, he has 10 homes listed on PadSplit and even participated in the company’s Series A fundraising as an investor.


Doubling Rental Income and Reducing Property Wear and Tear with PadSplit

Lisa Cordner first started investing in real estate nearly 20 years ago. Since then, she and her husband have flipped several properties and built a rental portfolio of about 40 single-family homes.


Real Estate Investor Heather Wren rapidly scales portfolio with PadSplit

Heather’s PadSplit journey began with her commitment to her family’s financial goals. She’s managing 16 properties in a well-balanced portfolio of PadSplit, Section 8, and market-rate houses. And she’s currently rehabbing two more for PadSplit.


Increasing Real Estate Cash Flow with PadSplit

In 2018, Mike got introduced to PadSplit through industry connections and immediately saw a unique opportunity.


Reducing Vacancies While Doing Good with PadSplit

In early 2019, Gavin heard about PadSplit for the first time. “I have to be honest; I thought it was too good to be true. The cash flows were too rich, it couldn’t possibly be a real model,” he says.


PadSplit believes that affordable housing is a human right, and shouldn’t be a barrier to building your life.

That’s why we’re connecting community members to high-quality homes, without the high price tag.


What is PadSplit?

With the PadSplit model, real estate investors can leverage underutilized space in their properties and increase returns up to 100%.

How to Use PadSplit Pro-Forma Tool to Assess Properties

Use this pro-forma tool to evaluate converting current or prospective properties to the PadSplit model.

How to Optimize Your Home For Co-living

PadSplit's Chief Growth Officer, Frank Furman, shares real PadSplit homes to show how you can optimize your home for co-living.

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